Toccata for Strings (level 4-5) – Includes backing CD


Sample Score (.pdf)


Bach’s Toccata (D minor) – level 4 – 5: Includes Backing CD

Based on virtuoso electric violinist Martin Lass’ spectacular version of J S Bach’s Toccata, this arrangement is well suited as either an exciting finale, or opening to your concert. Full of energy, vitality and fast, flying bows!

A backing CD is included to add the 80’s rock element. The CD is recorded at four different performance speeds, and can be used either with or without the one minute pipe organ introduction that helps to create the desired atmosphere of one of Bach’s most famous works.

As an alternative to using the backing CD, drum-kit, guitar and bass guitar charts are also included with the ‘Toccata for Strings’ pack.


Toccata for Strings (level 4-5) – Includes backing CD

Parts Included:

  • Score x 1
  • Violin 1 x 4
  • Violin 2 x 4
  • Violin 3 x 4
  • Viola x 2
  • ‘Cello x 4
  • Double Bass x 2
  • Piano x 1
  • Drum Kit x 1
  • Guitar / ┬áBass Guitar x 1
  • Backing CD (full rock band) x 1

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