SCSM Music Theory Grade 7


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SCSM Examination Albums for Music Theory

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St Cecilia’s new Theory of Music Workbooks are an innovative, well-structured and attractively presented set of publications designed to clearly guide the student through every aspect of rudimentary and advanced theory. Two sample theory papers are included in each album.


SCSM Grade Seven Music Theory Workbook Contents

  • The Brass Family – Trumpet, French Horn, Trombone & Tuba
  • Revision Test – Brass Family
  • Harmony – Rising 7th & Falling 7th
  • Harmonising Dotted Crotchets
  • Harmonising a Melody
  • Revision Test – Harmony
  • Chord Symbols
  • 7th Chords – Adding a Minor or Major 7th
  • Writing a Piano Accompaniment – Chordal Accompaniments
  • Courtesy Accidentals
  • Form
  • Sample Examination Paper 1
  • Sample Examination Paper 2

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