SCSM Cello Examination Book Preliminary Grade


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SCSM Examination Albums for Cello

Preliminary Grade

This album introduces many important string playing techniques and articulations (eg. left hand pizzicato, right hand pizzicato, staccato, legato, accents). The majority of pieces are bright and cheerful, however Item 2 features pieces using minor keys.

All technical work is included in the album, as well as a lift out piano accompaniment booklet. Performing with a piano accompaniment is optional for Preliminary Grade.

N.B. The PDF sample currently displays the violin book pages


SCSM Preliminary Grade Cello Album Contents

Item 1

  • Frog Stomp
  • Fiddle Fancy
  • Click Go the Shears


Item 2

  • The Ghost of Tom
  • Dragon’s Lair
  • Scarborough Fair


Item 3

  • Drunken Sailor
  • Woken by a Fox!
  • The Quartermaster’s Store

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