Off to Battle & Dragon’s Lair (level 1)


Sample Score (.pdf)

Off to Battle & Dragon’s Lair (2 score set) – Grade 1

Off to Battle (E minor): An exciting work with a March-like feel. Featuring differing semiquaver patterns you can easily imagine the soldiers marching over the battle fields!

Dragon’s Lair (D minor): Children will love this piece. Great for developing the use of low 2nd finger in your ensemble. A dramatic opening section is followed by ‘question and answer’ style melody sharing. The third section is in the style of a March, featuring staccato and legato bowing as well as simple use of triplets. A fast final section leads to a dramatic climax.



Parts Included

  • Score x 1
  • Violin 1 x 4
  • Violin 2 x 4
  • Violin 3 x 4
  • Viola x 2
  • Cello x 4
  • Double Bass x 2
  • Piano x 1

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